Mandalorian Battle Armor[edit | edit source]

Medium Battle Armor

Cost 13,000

Damage Reduction 5

Maximum Dex Bonus +2

Weight 20 kg

Armor Check Penalty -5

Speed -2 m

Availability Rare

Miscellaneous Bonuses +2 equipment bonus on Listen checks, built in comlink, ability to see black-and-white images 20 m away in the dark, and a rangefinder (provides an increase to range of comlink by a multiplication of ten, also allows user to eavesdrop on communications with a Computer Use check against DC 15) The armor can also be modified and fitted with various attachments.

Mandalorian Armor is one of the most feared items in the galaxy. The notorious "T" visor gives a face to many ruthless bounty hunters, such as the infamous Boba Fett. The armor provides the user with amazing advantages. The armor is made of beskar, one of the most durable metals available. Armor of this sort is exceedingly rare, and is often passed down from father to son, as is almost everything in the Mandalorian tradition.

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